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Never stand down 

Serena Moon treats life like a beach goer taking in the ocean’s tide. It’s all serene until you turn your back for a second, and an errant waves knocks you on your ass.  

Know when you’re in over your head 

When she’s entrusted with the safekeeping of the child elven queen, she enlists the help of mysterious — complete understatement— Peder, leader of the shifter sea dragons. Serena’s not sure what’s happening off the coast of SoCal but he’s got his own tricks.  

It’s gotta be safe 

It’ll take more than magic and mastery of the sea to take on the evil darkness determined to capture the world’s salvation. Serena and Peder must conquer unknown enemies and the complexity of love everlasting to save their hearts.

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The Nightshade Guild Series

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 The Elven world is in chaos after the assassinations of King Theoden and Queen Syllia.
The twelve mages of the Nightshade Guild have been tasked with keeping ten-month-old Princess Ameria alive until the assassins are found.


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